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The Ace offers an experience of lifestyle, exclusively catering to aspiring minds in the Silicon Valley of Chennai-Perungudi with enchanting multi-level greenscape, intelligent home features, ‘Disneyland’ resembling play area, and super engineering construction technique SSGF. Covering 4.27 acres of land, only 30% of it being constructed, the project has kept 70% of the land open around it, offering more breathing space.

Structurally B+S+19 floors with 4 towers A, B, C & D, the towers have been constructed with unique design philosophy to emphasize on the aspects of proper ventilation, ample sunlight and panoramic views, by none other than the famous Simplex Contractor, maker of some of the finest establishments like Kathipara bridge , L & T Eden Park, Express Exclusive etc.



SSGF Technology

SSGF is an internationally acclaimed construction technique ensures safer, secure and speedy construction. it is two times faster & stronger than average construction, inspired by Japanese earthquake-proof housing technology.

Speedy Construction

Superior Quality

Environment Friendly

Stable Structure

Intelligent Homes

A World of Highly Advanced Smart Homes where Modernity blends with a Lifetime of Security

  • 3-in-1 Intelligent Lock
  • Smart Camera
  • Smart Intercom
  • Patrolling Guard System
  • CCTV
  • Footlight

The Ace offers some of the unique features and amenities that differentiates it from the other projects in the city. Like balconies in all rooms, smart lock and security features and all age group amenities. The project also adopts indigenous plants from their places of origin to create naturally green multidimensional landscape which is a signature USP of the brand.

Sky Garden
Swimming pool
Multi Purpose Court
Sand Pit


Architect Anand is a graduate from the prestigious School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University and has a master’s in building engineering and management from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, with over 500 projects to his credit. Anand brings his colossal experience and personal vision to every project designed by him, his portfolio ranging from single residences, multiple houses IT parks to shopping malls cum multiplexes, beach houses, hospitals, and institution and commercial spaces. Known for designs that captivate the eye and excite the imagination, the firm has an enviable track record for excellence.

Anand aims at being on the cutting edge of architectural design and quality. One land mark design by W. Anand is the Mercedes Benz factory cum showroom on the GST road. The project essays functionalism in architecture of progressive thought. He is currently the Charter Chairman of the Indian Institute of Architects, Chennai Centre. The firm Anand Architects is a small cohort of highly trained professionals and service consultants.


Project Progress

Construction Progress : June 2021

Tower A –
1. Eighth floor roof concreted
2.9th floor shuttering
3.Slab reinforcement 8th floor 100% completed

Tower C –
1.Basement roof concreting completed
2. Column above stilt floor roof-work in progress

Tower C -
Shuttering completed 80/83 nos.

Reinforcement completed 80/83 nos.